Let’s talk Mental Health

Post-Quarantine Anxiety

So, I’ve not only heard a lot of talk about having post-quarantine anxiety as places are starting to open back up but I’ve also felt some of these feelings myself. So let’s talk about it! We’ve been in quarantine for several months which is a really long time! It’s especially a long time to not be going through with our normal or average routines. And then to be expected to just bounce back into things after so long of being isolated? Oh heck no! It’s defiantly going to bring up some anxiety, stress, and discomfort which is totally valid. I feel it too! It’s important to recognize that we have all been isolated from our normal routines for so long that no matter our excitement or stress/anxiety, we need to to pin point what is actually worth rushing back too. Think about the stressors you had before quarantine. Was it a toxic friendship or relationship, a tense relation with a family member, a major in school or goal that you feel you have outgrown, an upcoming change that may be stressing you out? It could be anything. What’s important is to pin point it and determine whether or not it’s worth “returning to normal for”. What changes do you feel you need to make in your life after going through such a weird phase of life? Now, sit down and make a plan about how you are going to go through with this change and act on it! Once you have done this and are actively changing your “normal” to your new found needs, I also want you to pin point what brings you joy, inspiration, happiness, ambition, curiosity, motivation, etc. It could be a friendship, a hobby, a new found passion, a new job, a new goal or dream, whatever it is I want you to pin point it. While you are beginning to return to normal, make more space within your “normal” for these things. Clear out the stressors, and bring in the joys.

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