Offstage Talk

Offbeat thoughts of a dancer!

Read through my offbeat thoughts on topics ranging from dance, mental health, feminism, inspiration, self-love, body positivity and all the little rants in between! Keep in mind that this blog is just for conversation and inspiration and may not be perfect as I’m constantly learning! -Katie


To all my LGBTQ+ friends, you are all safe, loved, and welcomed here on Offstage Talk! (yes, even those who are closeted!). Love is Love and that deserves to be celebrated not only during the month of June, but all year round! Keep being you and living life authentically! You make the world a brighter place!


Black Lives Matter. They always have, and always will. However, they haven’t been treated that way. This applies to ALL people of color and oppressed cultures. These beautiful people have helped to build this country yet they are never given the love and respect they deserve. Here on Offstage Talk you are all seen, supported, and loved here. Although I know I will never understand, I stand with you and I will fight with you.

Trans Rights

Trans rights are often overlooked, ignored, and disregarded. Not on this blog though. Offstage Talk welcomes ALL people and I will stand up for ALL people when need be. So to all my trans readers, you are loved, valid, and welcomed here! I will fight with you and I will support you. My content is for you too!

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About the Blogger

Hi! I’m Katie, I’m a 15 year old junior in high school and a pre-pro dancer who trains in all sorts of styles! However, I have all kinds of passions and interests that I would like to explore on the side, hence why I started Offstage Talk! This blog is going to be a little of everything, so get ready because the show is about to begin! My main goal for this blog is to create a space where I can share my thoughts and inspire others while also holding myself accountable. Practice what you preach am I right? However, I also want this to be a space that welcomes those mistakes and the awkward moments in life because nothing is perfect. Now enjoy seeing a snippet of what goes on in my mind when I blank out during dance class. Enjoy the show!